Vegetable Cultivar Descriptions for North America – Collards

Lists 1-27 Combined

Edited by Mark W. Farnham

USDA/ARS Vegetable Laboratory
2875 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29414

Blue Max (ACR 2887) – Breeder and vendor: Abbot-Cobb. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, uniform, vigorous plants with good blue-green color. Adaptation: wide. 1982.

Carolina – Breeder: Clemson University Expt. Sta. and Agric. Research Serv., USDA, Charleston, South Carolina. Parentage: Vates collard and PI 261774 cabbage. Characteristics: open pollinated, compact; similar to Vates in color, plant type, and wind and cold resistance. Resistance: downy mildew (one or more races). Similar: Vates. 1979.

Champion – Breeder: Virginia Agric. Exp. Sta. Characteristics: developed as an open pollinated population selected out of Vates, similar to Vates in most characteristics but significantly slower in developing seed stalks in the spring following fall planting. Similar: Vates. 1979.

Flash – Breeder and vendor: Sakata. Parentage: F1 hybrid. Characteristics: medium height plant, round leaves of green to blue-green color; highly uniform Vates type collard; suitable for stripping, bunching, or processing. 1992.

Georgia 912 – Breeder and vendor: Associated Seed Growers, New Haven, Connecticut. Parentage: Georgia. Characteristics: more uniform than Georgia. Similar: Georgia. Adaptation: wide. 1955.

Georgia LS (XP 1) – Breeder and vendor: Asgrow Seed Co. Parentage: line selection Georgia. Characteristics: more uniform and longer standing than Georgia. Adaptation: general. Asgrow Catalog. 1970.

Green Glaze – Breeder: unknown. Vender: several. Parentage: open pollinated. Characteristics: unique open pollinated garden cultivar lacking normal waxy bloom and exhibiting a glossy appearance; medium tall, upright plant, bright green color accompanying gloss.

Heavi-Crop (ACR 2881) – Breeder and vendor: Abbot-Cobb. Characteristics: F1 hybrid, uniform vigorous, heavy yielding plant. Similar: Vates. Adaptation: wide. 1982.

Hi-Crop – Breeder and vendor: American Takii, Inc. Parentage: hybrid. Characteristics: versatile and vigorous; tolerant to heat and cold; uniform plants that produce tender dark-green, semi-savoyed leaves. 2005.

Morris Heading (may be the same as Carolina Improved Heading) – Breeder: Morris Plant Farm (Hasty, North Carolina). Vendor: several. Parentage: open pollinated. Characteristics: old cultivar; mostly large plants, but highly variable population; color varies from green to very blue green; mild flavor; tendency for many plants in population to form leafy heads late in growing season. circa 1919.

Top Bunch – Breeder and vendor: Sakata. Characteristics: tall, semi-erect, rapid maturing, F1 hybrid; deep green, slightly wavy, broad leaves, vigorous and uniform growth. 1987.

Vates – Breeder: Virginia Agric. Exp. Sta. Characteristics: nonheading type, dark green, thick textured leaves with a high ratio of blade to stalk, open pollinated population that was industry standard for almost two decades, cold hardy. Adaptation: wide. 1950.