Vegetable Cultivar Descriptions for North America – Gourd, Momordica

Lists 1-27 Combined

Edited by Deena Decker-Walters

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Coimbatore Long (Coimbatore Long White) – Characteristics: fruit 5-8″ long, rind greenish-white to pale cream when mature, prolific; from southern India. Tindall, 1983.

Hong Kong – Vendor: Seed Saver’s Exchange. Characteristics: short slightly tapered fruit, top shaped, rind dark green, flesh with rich bitter flavor. 1981.

Hybrid High Moon – Vendor: Gurney’s. Characteristics: fruit bigger than most cultivars, rind white to jade green, flesh creamy, mild tasting, vigorous, extra early flowering. 1997.

Moonshine – Vendor: Peace Seeds. Characteristics: F2 hybrid, fruits 6″ long weighing up to 1 lb, rind white, needs long growing season. 1990.

Taiwan Large – Vendor: Sunrise. Characteristics: fruit with tapering blossom end, 6-12″ long x 2-4″ diameter, rind dark green. 1987.

Thailand – Vendor: Evergreen. Parentage: from Southeast Asia. Characteristics: fruit small, skin deep green with blistered bumps, very productive. 1991.