Plant Breeding Methods (CS, HS 541)

Exercise 2 – Population Genetics Review

Give complete answers, but be brief and specific. Show your work.

20 points total

1. What is the gene frequency of the tl gene in the progeny of a population that is random mated for one generation if the genotype frequencies of the parents are:

Tl Tl = 0.6 Tl tl = 0.3 tl tl = 0.1


2. In a population of tall and dwarf plants (height is due to a single, completely-dominant gene; tall is dominant), how long would it take (1 generation per year) to eliminate dwarf plants if they have a fitness 1/4 that of the normal tall plants? Assume equal gene frequency at the start.


3. What is the chance that 2 alleles at a locus will be identical by descent in individual K assuming A, B, C, D and E are unrelated hybrids?

   A   B C   D   E
    \ /   \ / \ /
     F     G   H
      \ /  \ /
       I    J
        \ /