Plant Breeding Overview (HS 521)

Exercise 3 – Bulk, Pedigree and Backcross Breeding

Give complete answers, but be brief and specific. Show your work.

20 points total

1. Compare the following breeding methods for self-pollinated crops considering amount of hybridization, best uses of the method in cultivar development, and expected gain:
  Method    Hybridization        Best uses for method           Expected gain    





2. What are the advantages and disadvantages for bulk, pedigree, and backcross for breeding self-pollinated crops?



3. How are the following methods similar and how are they different?
3a. Composite Cross


3b. Bulk


3c. Bulk Family


4. Compare single-seed descent and pure-line family breeding for resources used, method of handling germplasm, and progress made.


5. What are two differences between pedigree breeding and backcross breeding? What are the advantages and disadvantages of backcross breeding?


6. Describe the procedure for the inbred-backcross breeding method. What are the advantages of this method?