Cucurbitaceae 2006: Previous Conferences


Previous Meetings
Melon photoThe North American Cucurbitaceae Conferences were started to provide scientific information on cucurbits from research and extension workers around the U.S. and other countries in the rgion in a single meeting every few years. Cucurbit crops include cucumber, melon, pumpkin, squash, watermelon, and other species. The meeting is now on a 4-year rotation.

Cucurbitaceae 2006 is part of a series of cucurbit genetics and breeding conferences begun in Europe in the 1970s as part of EUCARPIA, and in North America in the 1980s as a combination of all the individual cucurbit meetings (Cucurbit Crop Genetics Committee, the Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative, the National Melon Research Group, the National Watermelon Research Group, the Pickling Cucumber Improvement Committee, and the Squash Research Group).

These conferences have been held on a regular basis, in even-numbered years and alternately on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and we now have the honor and privilege to host Cucurbitaceae 2006 here in North Carolina.

The North American Cucurbitaceae Conferences

Year Location Chairpersons (Address)
1989 Charleston, South Carolina Dr. Claude Thomas (USDA-ARS, Charleston, SC)
1992 Raleigh, North Carolina Drs. Jonathan Schultheis, Todd Wehner (N.C. State University)
1994 South Padre Island, Texas Drs. Gene Lester (USDA), James Dunlap (Texas A&M University)
1998 Monterey, California Dr. James McCreight, USDA-ARS, Salinas, CA)
2002 Naples, Florida Dr. Don Maynard (University of Florida), Dr. Tom Williams (Syngenta)
2006 Asheville, North Carolina Drs. Gerald Holmes, Jonathan Schultheis, Todd Wehner (N.C. State University)

The EUCARPIA Cucurbitaceae Conferences

Year Location Chairpersons (Address)
1973 Avignon-Montfavet, France ?
1976 Bratislava, Slovakia ?
1980 Wageningen, The Netherlands ?
1984 Plovdiv, Bulgaria ?
1988 Avignon-Montfavet, France ?
1992 Warsaw, Poland Dr. Roch Doruchowski (Research Institute of Vegetable Crops)
1996 Malaga, Spain Dr. Maria Luisa Gomez-Guillamon (La Mayora, CSIC)
2000 Ma’ale Hahamisha, Israel Dr. Nurit Katzir (Agricultural Research Organization)
2004 Olomouc, Czech Republic Dr. Ales Lebeda (Palacky University)