Genetics and Germplasm Working Group (GG)

GG is part of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS)

Minutes (2002 meeting)

  • Genetics and Germplasm Working Group Business Meeting
  • American Society for Horticultural Science 2002 Annual Conference
  • Fairmont Royal York Hotel
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Held in conjunction with the XXVIth International Horticultural Congress
  • August 13, 2002

Attendees: Susan Brown; Peter Cousins; Mark Farnham; Becky Grube; Michael Havey; George L. Hosfield; Maria Jenderek; Hinga Marsh; Jim McCreight; Jim Myers; Kathy Reitsma; Larry D. Robertson; Edward Ryder; Ray Schnell; Phil Simon; Jack Staub; John Stommel; Janice Strachan; Todd Wehner; Linda Wessel-Beaver; Mark Widrlechner

Meeting called to order at 8:05 am by John Stommel.

The minutes of the 2001 business meeting were accepted with revision. (Jack Harlan’s name was removed as a contact for a workshop proposal since he is now deceased.)

The deadline for proposing colloquia for the 2003 ASHS Conference was August 1, 2002. We submitted a colloquium proposal, entitled “Genetics, Genomics, and Human Nutrition”. We should know in a couple of weeks whether it has been approved. If it is not approved as a colloquium, we will reformat it as a workshop proposal.

We also supported another colloquium proposal from the Organic Working Group on “Organic Farming Systems”. We declined to support the colloquium proposal from the Food Quality, Safety and Health Properties Working Group since its topic was similar to the proposal we submitted, but focused more on characterization and food safety issues rather than on germplasm and breeding and genetics.

We have received a last minute request to support a symposium on statistics in 2003. It seems to be directed to authors of HortScience and the Journal and appropriate statistics usage. The group voted to support this symposium.

Colloquia proposals for 2004 are due on September 1, 2003. Linda Wessel-Beaver suggested that we work with the Vegetable Breeding Working Group to sponsor a colloquium on breeding crops for developing countries via working with and training local breeders and targeting local problems in those countries, using molecular markers, etc. Linda will be our representative to develop this proposal.

Workshop proposals for 2003 are due on December 15, 2002. Mark Widrlechner agreed to develop a workshop on materials collected from plant expeditions. For example, what happened to collections from China, characterization of accessions collected, how are they being used, etc. Suggested speakers are Karen Williams, Phil Simon, and a representative from the Arnold Arboretum.

The workshop entitled “Plant Germplasm Collections: Benefits of Public and Private Partnerships”, that we sponsored for the 2002 meeting, was held last night (August 12). It was well attended and attracted ASHS members affiliated with ornamental, fruit and vegetable research.

The ASHS Centennial Planning Committee is requesting a historical review from each working group. They have requested a short historical summary of past accomplishments in the working group’s discipline and a focus on future possibilities in the field. A presentation format for the reviews has not been finalized. Discussion among the group indicated that it might be best to combine with Vegetable Breeding and Fruit Breeding working groups, since genetics and germplasm is tightly linked with breeding work. Members were worried about scheduling conflicts. If we do something, curators should take the lead. A suggestion was made to do a review of germplasm collection and use, future use, characterizations, genetics, long-term storage issues. Ray Schnell agreed to lead work on this project. Additional guidelines are expected from ASHS.

In 2000, we were reminded that we may establish a Germplasm and Genetics Award that could be awarded to individuals in recognition of distinguished accomplishments. It was agreed that the Frank Meyer Award that the Tri-Societies awards has fulfilled past needs. Discussion from the group questioned whether the Frank Meyer Award is still given. Phil Simon was the past ASHS liaison. However, there has been no activity for a number of years. Phil Simon and John Stommel agreed to investigate the current status of the Frank Meyer Award.

Dennis Decoteau, the Education Vice President, dropped in and asked how everyone was enjoying the IHC and solicited feedback on IHC format, scheduling, etc.

Election of new Secretary: Becky Grube (USDA, ARS, Salinas, CA) was nominated and accepted as secretary for 2003, chair-elect 2004, and chair 2005.

The meeting was adjourned.