Genetics and Germplasm Working Group (GG)

GG is part of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS)

Minutes (2004 meeting)

  • Genetics and Germplasm Working Group Business Meeting
  • American Society for Horticultural Science Annual Conference
  • Renaissance Hotel
  • Austin, TX
  • July 20, 2004

Attendees: Ryan Hayes, Dan Barney, Becky Grube, Maria Jenderek, Jim Nienhuis, Beiquan Mou, Kathy Reitsma, Mark Widrlechner, Richard Bell, and Janice Strachan.

Officers: Janice Strachan (chair), Becky Grube (chair-elect), Maria Jenderek (secretary). The meeting was called to order by Janice Strachan. The minutes of the 2003 business meeting were accepted. The minutes were posted on a website maintained by Dr. Todd Wehner, NC State University.

Frank N. Meyer Medal for Plant Genetic Resources: Janice Strachan called for worthy nominations for the tri-society award that recognizes a person with outstanding records over a long period of time in exploration, evaluation, maintenance or administrative foresight of plant genetic resources. The deadline for nomination is March 2005. John Stommel and Phil Simon may know who was nominated in 2004. A GGWG representative should be included on the selection committee; the officers should establish an internal deadline for nominations by the GG members, so a GG supported candidate is nominated.

GGWG-supported activities at the 2004 meeting: This year workshop organized by Mallikarjuna ‘Mali’ K. Aradhya on ‘Effective use of molecular markers in genetic conservation and improvement of horticultural crops’ was well attended by the conference participants (ca. 80).

GGWG-supported events at future meetings: The deadline for submitting colloquia proposals for the 2005 conference was June 30, 2004. Schuyler Korban’s colloquium proposal on ‘Horticultural Crop Genomics’ was submitted for the 2005 meeting. The GGWG has supported the VBWG colloquium proposal on ‘Breeding for developing countries’.

The group discussed possible topics for a workshop in 2005, and a tentative title ‘Domestication of new plant species’ has been considered. Maria Jenderek agreed to develop the workshop proposal. Possible talks and speakers included:

  • Introducing kiwi to the U.S. market (Frieda Caplan, California)
  • Domestication of Lesquerella (oil crop, Dave Dierig, Arizona,)
  • New fruits for arid climates (cactus fruits, Y. Mizrahi, Israel)
  • New ornamentals (N. Anderson, Minnesota; Becky Grube will provide a few names from California)

The deadline for workshop proposal submission for the 2005 conference is December 15, 2004.

Selection of a GGWG representative for a 2005 CSREES seminar in Las Vegas: The attendees agreed with the suggestion by Jim Nienhuis that the selection would be done by the officers. Either Becky Grube or Janice Strachan will represent the group. Janice Strachan initiated a discussion on possible topics to be presented during this seminar. Mark Widrlechner voiced that there is a need for educating new plant taxonomists; the old group of taxonomists is vanishing; funding for research related to plant taxonomy may encourage scientists to specialize in this area. The chair will ask for discussion ideas all GG members via email.

New officers: Beiquan Mou (USDA, ARS, Salinas, CA) was nominated and elected as secretary. Becky Grube and Maria Jenderek became chair and chair-elect, respectively.

Other: The schedule of this year ASHS meeting was improved in comparison to the previous year. Janice Strachan encouraged all to submit candidates for ASHS officer election; needed are President-elect, Industry Vice President-elect, and Extension Vice President-elect. Jim Nienhuis proposed to develop the topic on ‘Horticultural Crop Genomics’ for the tri-society meeting if the colloquium is not funded by ASHS.

The meeting was adjourned.