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Frank N. Meyer Medal


The Frank N. Meyer Medal for Plant Genetic Resources is for distinctive service to the National Plant Germplasm System. The award is made as a tribute to Frank N. Meyer who served for 13 years as Agricultural Explorer of the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction and lost his life in the waters of the Yangtze River.

This award is presented in recognition of his contributions to the plant germplasm collection and use in the U.S. and his dedication and service to humanity through collecting, evaluating, or conserving earth’s genetic resources. The award will be to a person who has had an outstanding record of service over a long period of time. The award consists of a certificate, an engraved bronze medal, and $1000 honorarium.

Previous Winners (in order by year)

  • 2002: Allan K. Stoner
  • 1995: Calvin Sperling
  • 1993: Charles E. Simpson
  • 1970: Charles R. Enlow (Journal of Heredity article)
  • 1939: Kate Sessions
  • 1920: Barbour Lathrop
  • 1920: Meyer medal program begins

Complete List of Winners (in alphabetic order)

  • Chang, T.
  • Dewey, D.R.
  • Eberhart, S.A.
  • Enlow, C.R.
  • Goodman, M.M.
  • Guzman, E.H.
  • Hardon, J.J.
  • Hawtin, J.
  • Hymowitz, T.
  • Lathrop, B.
  • Miller, F.R.
  • Ochoa, C.
  • Qualset, C.
  • Rosenow, D.T.
  • Sessions, K.
  • Shands, H.L.
  • Simpson, C.E.
  • Skovmand, B.
  • Sperling, C.R.
  • Stewart, J.M.
  • Stoner, A.K.
  • Timothy, D.H.
  • Thompson, M.M.
  • Waines, J.G.
  • White, G.A.
  • Winters, Jr., H.F.


  1. Nominees will have a career interest of at least 10 years in one or more of the following aspects of plant genetic resource programs:
    • exploration for plant genetic resources
    • evaluation of plant genetic resources
    • research on preservation of plant genetic resources
    • maintenance of plant genetic resources
    • outstanding administrative foresight and support of national or international plant genetic resource programs.
  2. Nominators are not required to be CSSA members.
  3. Nominees are not required to be CSSA members
  4. Nominees are to be living at the time of the nomination.


  1. Participated in major plant explorations which resulted in well documented collections that represented broad ranges of genetic diversity and useful individual samples.
  2. Effective proponent of the national or international programs for collecting, maintaining, and using plant genetic resources and effectiveness in creating broad interest and support for plant genetic resource activities.
  3. Demonstrated superior ability to assess, record, and report useful genetic diversity through preliminary evaluation of recently acquired plant introductions.
  4. Developed new and superior techniques and methods for preservation, evaluation, and use of plant genetic resources.
  5. Developed concepts for assessing ecogeographic distribution of genetic diversity and participated in studies that have mapped and characterized genetic diversity.

Preparing to Apply

The following information will be necessary to complete the online nomination.

Nominator Contact Information

Full name, mailing address, phone, email address, and current position title.

Nominee Contact Information

  1. Full name, mailing address, phone, and email address.
  2. Degrees received.
  3. Professional positions held.

Nominee Qualification Information

  1. Contributions to the Profession. List contributions other than service to the profession (Character Limit: 3000).
  2. Significance. Explain the significance of the contributions (Character Limit: 3000).

Nominee References

Names and email addresses of three individuals who will separately submit online reference letters. Letters can be up to 6000 characters.

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