Pickling Cucumber Improvement Committee Meeting – 2001

North Carolina State University will be hosting the spring meeting for Pickle Packers International in Raleigh, NC at the Marriott Crabtree Hotel. The spring meeting rotates among host locations each year, and NC State is honored to host the meeting in 2001.

Theme: 21st century technologies for the pickled vegetable industry. Previous PPI spring meetings hosted by NC State were in 1989 (theme: biotechnology and ecology) and in 1995 (theme: global perspectives).

Posters will be set up on Wednesday at 8 am and taken down at 5 pm. They can be viewed before and after the oral presentations, and during breaks.

Meeting Overview

PPI Spring Meeting Organizers

  • Chairman: Todd Wehner
  • Abstract book: Henry Fleming
  • Field tours: Jonathan Schultheis
  • PPI liason: Paul LeClerc
  • Industry liason: Rich Maloney
  • PPI executive secretary: Richard Hentschel

Monday, April 9, Afternoon

  • Golf tournament
  • Registration

Tuesday, April 10, Morning

  • Registration / Poster setup
  • Spouse tour
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome
  • Session 1: New genetics technology
  • Session 2: Crop production and protection
  • Lunch

Tuesday, April 10, Afternoon

  • Session 3: Field trip
  • Pig pickin’
Wednesday, April 11, Morning

  • Breakfast
  • Spouse tour: Raulston Arboretum
  • Welcome
  • Posters (set up 8am, take down 5pm)
  • Session 4: Food Science and technology
  • Lunch

Wednesday, April 11, Afternoon

  • Posters (set up 8am, take down 5pm)
  • Session 4 (continued)
  • Session 5: Sourcing of raw materials for the pickle industry
  • Hosted reception / Poster take down
  • Association Dinner / Social

Thursday, April 12, Morning

  • Have a safe trip home!

Associated Commodity Groups

Meeting Schedule

Time Title / Event (with link to abstract) Speaker (Affiliation)
Monday, April 9
9:00 am Committee meetings (executive, R&D) Richard Hentschel (PPI)
1:00 pm Golf tournament (sponsored by Asgrow) Richard Hentschel (PPI), Richard Maloney (Seminis)
5:00 pm Registration (Crabtree Marriott) Richard Hentschel (PPI)
7:00 pm Reception and PPO Awards (cash bar) Richard Hentschel (PPI)
Tuesday, April 10, Morning
7:00 am Registration (Crabtree Marriott) Richard Hentschel (PPI)
8:00 am Breakfast: Presentation by PPI President, Washington update by PPI Counsel Jon Gallo (DeGraffenreid), Richard Silverman (PPI)
9:00 am Session 1: New Genetics and Technology Todd Wehner (NCSU), Gerald Holmes (NCSU)
9:05 am Welcome and college overview: Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences James Oblinger (NCSU)
9:10 am Welcome and department overview: Head, Department of Horticultural Science Thomas Monaco (NCSU)
9:15 am Genomics to solve agricultural problems: nematodes as an example David Bird (NCSU)
9:30 am Bioinformatics and cucumber improvement Bruce Weir (NCSU)
9:45 am The search for high yielding cucumbers Nischit Shetty and Todd Wehner (NCSU)
10:00 am Using precision technologies such as GPS and GIS in managing pickle production Ronnie Heiniger (NCSU)
10:15 am Break
10:45 am Session 2: Crop Production and Protection Todd Wehner (NCSU), Gerald Holmes (NCSU)
10:45 am Weed management in cucumbers David Monks and Roger Batts (NCSU)
11:00 am Disease control strategies in pickle production Gerald Holmes (NCSU)
11:15 am Pickle insect management: present and future Kenneth Sorensen (NCSU)
11:30 am Minimum tillage for pickle production Jonathan Schultheis, Deanna Osmond, Gerald Holmes and Bill Jester (NCSU)
11:45 am Lunch (on your own)
Tuesday, April 10, Afternoon
1:15 pm Session 3: Field trip (bus for 125 people?) Jonathan Schultheis (NCSU)
2:30 pm Bag-in-box system at Clinton Research Station CANCELED DUE TO QUARANTINE Henry Fleming (USDA-NCSU)
3:30 pm Tour Dean Pickle (Faison) Eddie Quill (Dean Foods)
5:00 pm Tour Mt. Olive Pickle (Mt. Olive) Bill Bryan (Mt. Olive Pickle)
6:00 pm Dinner: Pig pickin’ Mt. Olive Pickle Co.
8:30 pm Return to hotel
Wednesday, April 11, Morning (with posters)
8:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am Breakfast talk: The new U.S. Vegetable Laboratory building – opportunities and challenges Claude Thomas (U.S. Vegetable Laboratory)
9:15 am Spouse tour: JC Raulston Arboretum (2 hours approx.) Richard Hentschel (PPI), Bob Lyons (JC Raulston Arboretum)
9:15 am Session 4: Food Science and Technology Henry Fleming (USDA-NCSU), Paul LeClerc (Bicks Pickles)
9:30 am Microbiology of pickled vegetables Fred Breidt (USDA-NCSU)
9:45 am Bulk preservation of vegetables without fermentation Roger McFeeters (USDA-NCSU)
10:00 am Pilot system for process-ready brined cucumbers Henry Fleming (USDA-NCSU) and Ervin Humphries (NCSU)
10:15 am Break (visit posters)
10:45 am Optimization of processing conditions for bag-in-box technology Oladiran Fasina (USDA-NCSU)
11:00 am Proposed commercial unit for bag-in-box technology Wilfried Thelan (Niko)
11:15 am Bulk bag composition / options for the pickle industry Stephen Duchon (Scholle Custom Packaging)
11:30 am Lunch (on your own): Visit posters, taste panel
Wednesday, April 11, Afternoon (with posters)
1:00 pm Session 4 (continued) Henry Fleming (USDA-NCSU)
1:15 pm Thermal and alternative processing technologies K.P. Sandeep (NCSU)
1:30 pm Regulation of cucumber pickle curing Ron Buescher (Univ. Arkansas)
1:45 pm Session 5: Product Sourcing in the Pickle Industry Edmund Estes (NCSU), John Cates (Addis Cates)
2:00 pm Improving mechanical harvesting systems in Delaware James Adkins and Ed Kee (Univ. Delaware)
2:15 pm Understanding production and harvesting costs for mechanical harvesting systems for pickling cucumbers Ed Kee and James Adkins (Univ. Delaware)
2:45 pm Hand labor issues in North Carolina Stan Eury (NC Growers Assoc.)
3:00 pm Break (visit posters)
3:30 pm Importation of raw product to manufacturers in the U.S. Lou Rosenmayer (MJ Rosenmayer Co.)
3:45 pm Importation of raw products from abroad Manik Veerakumar (Montrose International Group)
4:00 pm Importation of finished products from abroad Guillermo Brun (Brun Foods, SACV)
4:15 pm Sourcing of raw materials for the pickle industry – U.S. processors’ perspectives Larry Graham (Mt. Olive Pickle) and Mike Wuller (Daltons Best Maid Products)
4:30 pm Panel discussion All session speakers
5:30 pm Break (prepare for reception)
6:00 pm Hosted reception
7:00 pm Association Dinner / Social Band: Jewel Tones (Raleigh)
Thurdsay, April 12, Morning
Have a safe journey home!