Overview of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University

Pickling Cucumber Improvement Committee Meeting Abstract

James L. Oblinger

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, North Carolina State University

Welcome to the 2001 spring Pickle Packers meeting, hosted by NC State University. NC State has one of the largest cucumber research and extension teams in the U.S., as you will see on the program for this meeting over the next two days.

The mission of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of North Carolina State University is to educate students and constituents, and to create and extend new knowledge through scientific research and outreach in agriculture and the life sciences. The college has been a major force in the economic and social development of North Carolina, and has helped North Carolina State University attain regional, national, and international renown since its founding in 1887.

The College educates students through its division of Academic Programs. It seeks new knowledge through its research division, the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service. It extends educational programs throughout the state through the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. The teaching, research, and extension functions are integrated within the College’s 22 departments.

The challenge for the future is to continue to develop and facilitate change by anticipating, recognizing, and responding to the needs of society, with a focus on agriculture and the rural sector, and by extending the boundaries of the life sciences to achieve future production efficiencies and sustainability.

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