Previous PCIC Meetings

Below is a list of all the fall Pickle Packers meetings that have had the Pickling Cucumber Improvement Committee (PCIC) as part of the program, usually during the year when the Pickle Fair is held.

PCIC was started in 1963 to provide scientific information on cucumber for producers in the U.S. interested in pickle processing, and to provide a forum for scientific discussion (and industry support for) researchers and extensionists working on cucumber.

Year Location Chairperson (Address)
1963 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI Dr. Carroll Barnes (Clemson Univ.)
1964 Clemson Univ. Exp. Sta., Charleston, SC Dr. Clinton Peterson (MSU)
1965 University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Dr. Paul Williams (Univ. Wis.)
1966 N.C. State University, Raleigh, NC Dr. Conrad Miller (NCSU)
1967 Univ. Ark. Fayetteville, AR Dr. John Bowers (Univ. Ark.)
1968 Univ. Cal., Davis, CA Dr. William Sims (Univ. Cal.)
1969 Northrup King, Bloomington, MN Mr. Iver Jorgensen (NK)
1970 Sherman Hotel,Chicago IL (Pickle Fair) Dr. C. Nicklow (MSU)
1971 Texas Tech., Lubbock, TX Dr. Leonard Pike (TAMU)
1972 Marriott Hotel, Philadelphia, PA (Pickle Fair) Dr. David Groff (Asgrow Seed)
1973 N.C. State University, Raleigh, NC Dr. Ervin Humphries (NCSU)
1974 Regency Hyatt, Atlanta, GA (Pickle Fair) Dr. David Curwen (Univ. Wis.)
1975 Ferry-Morse, Stevens Pt., WI Dr. August Gabert (Ferry-Morse)
1976 Denver Hilton, Denver, CO (Pickle Fair) Dr. William Hagan (Del Monte)
1977 University of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ Mr. Fred Harper (Univ. Ariz)
1978 Petoseed Co., Davis, CA Dr. Colen Wyatt (PetoSeed)
1979 Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, TX (Pickle Fair) Dr. M. L. Robbins (Clemson U.)
1980 Treasure Island Inn, Daytona Beach, FL Mr. Charles John (A.L. Castle) and Dr.Daniel Cantliffe (Univ. Fla.)
1981 Hytt Regency, Chicago, IL (Pickle Fair) Dr. Dale Kretchman (Ohio State U.)
1982 Mission Valley Inn, Raleigh, NC Dr. Todd Wehner (NCSU)
1983 Stouffer’s Denver Inn, Denver, CO (Pickle Fair) Dr. James Ells (Col. State U.)
1984 ARCO Research Station, Brooks, OR Dr. August Gabert (ARCO Seeds)
1985 Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, TX (Pickle Fair) Dr. Gregory Tolla (Campbell)
1986 Texas A&M, College Sation, TX Dr. Leonard Pike (TAMU)
1987 Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO (Pickle Fair) Dr. Ron Buescher (Univ. Ark.)
1988 Inn Towner, Madison, WI Dr. Jack Staub (USDA-Wis.)
1989 Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN (Pickle Fair) Dr. Gregory Tolla (Campbell)
1990 Michigan State Univ., West Lansing, MI Dr. Irvin Widders (MSU)
1991 Galt House, Lousville, KY (Pickle Fair) Dr. Todd Wehner (NCSU)
1992 North Raleigh Hilton, Raleigh,NC Dr. J. R. Schultheis (NCSU)
1993 Palmer House, Chicago, IL (Pickle Fair) Dr. Gary Taurick (Ferry-Morse)
1994 Radisson Resort, South Padre Island, TX Drs. J. Dunlap and G. Lester (TAMU, Weslaco)
1995 Hyatt Regency, Kansas City, MO (Pickle Fair) Dr. Bill Copes and Ms. Brenda Lanini (Harris-Moran)
1996 Hyatt Regency, Lexington, KY Drs. Michael Havey (USDA-Wis.) and Rebecca Grumet (Mich. State)
1997 Bally’s, Las Vegas, NV (Pickle Fair) Mr. Edwin Kee (Univ. Delaware)
1998 Asilomar, Monterey, CA Dr. Jack Staub (USDA-Wis.)
1999 Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN (Pickle Fair) Mr. Edwin Kee (Univ. Delaware)
2001 Hyatt Regency, Kansas City, MO (Pickle Fair) Dr. John O’Sullivan (Univ. Guelph)
2003 New Orleans, LA Mr. Edwin Kee (Univ. Delaware)
2005 Chicago, IL Dr. Rebecca Grumet (Michigan State Univ.)
2007 ??? Dr. Nischit V. Shetty (Seminis)